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on my website

CDs can be ordered here

Thank you for visiting my website. Have a lot of fun with my Boogie Woogie & Blues Piano style.

I hope to see you at one of my concerts.

Yours sincerly
Stefan Ulbricht
+ + + NEW CD 'Melodies in Boogie' + + +
The new CD 'Melodies in Boogie' has just been released. You can listen to world famous evergreens in a Boogie Woogie Style. As usal, Moritz Schlömer plays the drums. You can order it right now!
+ + + 13th Int. SIEBURGER BOOGIE & JAZZ NIGHT + + +
The 13th Siegburger Boogie and Jazz Night will take place on Oktober 14th 2023. I have invited Ladyva and Luca Sestak. Of course, Moritz Schlömer will play both, the drums and piano again. Take a look at the brand new website www.boogie-night.de